The Portus approach to pensions is to ensure your employees achieve the optimum level of retirement income through a combination of competitive costs and top quality ongoing investment advice. Our service includes review, design, restructuring, ongoing administration and communication services in respect of the following:

  1. Defined Contribution/Money Purchase Plans (For online Guides, Checklists and Case Studies click here)
  2. Group Stakeholder Pension Plans
  3. Group Personal Pension Plans
  4. Executive Pension Plans
  5. Small Self-Administered Schemes (SSAS)

Added Value for Employees

Portus recognises that the onus for both deciding contribution levels and making investment fund choices has switched from Employer to Employee, due mainly to the move away from Occupational Pension Schemes to Group Personal Pension Plans and Stakeholder Pension Plans. Our comprehensive Pension Planning service recognises the importance of employee communication, including the need to explain the value of their Total Reward Package, and includes:

  1. Group Presentations
  2. Face-to-Face Advice – via a 30 minute surgery consultation
  3. Telephone Helpline

Salary Exchange

Salary Exchange can provide potential savings in connection with pension contributions and we strongly advise consideration of the benefits it offers. Salary Exchange involves employees agreeing to take a lower salary in return for a pension contribution. Because the salary is lower, national insurance contributions (NICs) payable by both employer and employee are reduced and both parties can also put some, or all, of what they have saved in NICs towards making additional pension contributions.

Salary Exchange

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We had a long standing Defined Contribution, Trustee Pension Scheme which we wished to close, and move the deferred members to a new Group Personal Pension Plan.... Portus took control of the whole process. They guided us in detail through the actions we had to take, and helped trace those deferred members who had moved on, and for whom we no longer had up to date addresses. This was a well managed and effective process which had a minimal impact on the day to day HR workload.

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