At Portus we offer a wide range of Wellbeing Consulting Services for medium-sized and large organisations. In recognition that different approaches are applicable to different clients, we have introduced a modular approach that includes:

Absence Management Healthcheck

Feedback on your comparative absence management performance, detailing whether it is Poor, Fair, Good or Very Good in relation to:

  1. Auditing – identification of direct and indirect costs.
  2. Policy – appropriateness of global written and management policy.
  3. Monitoring and recording systems – policy of data collection and how information is used.
  4. Implementation of policy and practice – is it actually happening on a day-to-day basis?
  5. Training – are line managers in a position to manage absence and are employees fully aware of their responsibilities?

This enables the organisation to take appropriate management action in terms of implementing effective solutions.

True Cost of Absence Audit™

We can produce a detailed Audit utilising your own data to calculate the direct and indirect costs of absence to your business, with costs expressed as a % of payroll - split by division, department, job title, location etc. Where data is not available, a cost estimate based on your competitors can be used.

Integrated Healthcare

The Portus Occupational Health Programme provides integrated management of all absence related services, from sourcing pre-employment screening to Occupational Health and ill health early retirement claims management. Because clients with infrequent needs may not wish to enter into an ongoing contract for Occupational Health services, Portus has negotiated an Occupational Health Programme with a leading UK provider which allows clients access as they require it on a fixed price basis.

The Portus Employee Benefit Review encompasses a complete review of your healthcare related benefits – both insured and non-insured – and includes an analysis of cost levels, claims procedures and processes, efficiency of administration and, most importantly, their overall interaction. It also identifies the value that employee benefits offer to both employees and the organisation in terms of meeting current needs and practices.

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