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International law firm Bird & Bird aims to be an employer of choice. It strives to value and recognise its people by meeting the changing demands of employees.


Tanya Bohm, Reward and Benefits Manager at Bird & Bird, said: 'The benefits market has been changing over the last 12 to 18 months. What employees used to see as benefits are now seen by the new generation as a given. Employees entering the workplace expect their employers to provide, for example, PMI, pensions, life insurance; they see employee benefits as an added incentive on top of this.'

To meet these demands, Bird & Bird aims to go beyond offering the employee benefits staff expect.

'We want to be an employer of choice and be seen to value our employees.

'To this end, we review what we can offer to be in line with this strategy.

'We have internal benefit focus groups to receive feedback from employees and try to remain ahead of the market,' said Bohm.


In 2015, Bird & Bird implemented a new portal for its three-year-old flexible benefits plan, Bird & Bird and Your Benefits, which has been supported by Portus since 2011.

'The new portal is more vibrant, and it has a modern, energetic feel about it. We had the same system in place for three years, which with the fast pace of technology had become outdated. So when Portus presented their new offering to us, the more modern and engaging portal with updated functionality was very appealing,' Bohm said.

'To get people to engage with their benefits employers need to provide an up-to-date portal which is visually appealing so employees participate from the outset.' Bird & Bird runs all its benefits through the Portal.

Bohm explains that Portus has a very good knowledge of what is offered within the legal market. 'They provide us with a very good sounding-board of what's going on in the marketplace and changes we should be aware of,' she said.

She explained that if Bird & Bird suggests an idea that is innovative Portus are able to verify that it is new and different, providing an excellent benchmark.


Bird & Bird finds Portus' systems extremely innovative and up to date with what is happening in the industry.

The law firm worked with Portus for auto enrolment from preparation through to implementation just over a year ago, and now with on-going processing and administration.

'They are always very approachable. Any queries we may have, we know that they will be happy to assist and easy to work with,' said Bohm.

Portus Consulting is now part of the Aon Group!