DX (Group)

DX (Group)



DX is a leading independent mail, parcels and logistics network operator in the UK and Ireland, and works nationwide for both public and private sector companies.

Portus has managed the DX Private Medical Insurance (PMI), Group Income Protection (GIP), Group Life Insurance (GLI) and the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) (via the GIP Scheme) since April 2006.


At the end of December 2014, an employee at DX became diagnosed with a serious illness and a requirement for major surgery. 'We have never had a case like this; it came as a shock to everyone, especially our employee and their family. We wanted to be sure they had the best care, and we needed help to quickly ensure we maximised our employee insurances, so both our employee and their family didn't have to be concerned.'


In February DX updated Portus during discussions around DX's PMI. This enabled Portus to put in place four key actions. 

Firstly, support with regard to utilising the PMI and ensuring the employee received the best care. This included highlighting the PMI cash benefit option offered if the member moved into NHS care, so that DX could advise the employee's family.

Secondly, it supported DX colleagues who knew the ill employee by reminding them of the EAP service.

Thirdly, because Portus became aware of the situation well before the end of the 26 week Group Income Protection deferred period, it was able to complete and submit the paperwork and get approval for the payment six weeks before the claim commenced. This meant there was no delay in payments, which was a relief to the employee's family.

The Portus team had brief the insurer about the sensitive situation, and explained why no medical evidence could be provided of the claim at the time. 'Thankfully with the help of Portus the claim was admitted and accepted on the evidence provided by Portus who acted on our behalf to explain everything.'

Finally, DX wanted to ensure that there would be no change to the treatment received under the PMI longer term and Portus was able to ensure continuing cover for the employee as part of DX's PMI annual renewal.


'This was a distressing situation, but we knew we had such a strong relationship with Portus that we could rely on them to step in and manage all the various insurances to get the best outcome for our employee.

'We have a great relationship with Portus and it's not just a relationship that has strengthened through the years - it's always been solid from the start. We find that working with Portus, on this, and across all our dealings, they go the extra mile to get us the best service possible.'