OpenBet is the world's leading provider of software for the betting and online gaming industry. The company is keen to retain their position as a great place to work. They sought the help of Portus to address key issues around recruiting and retaining the best team. The key objectives of the project were:

  • To make the benefits offering more relevant and attractive to existing and potential employees
  • To increase flexibility in the overall offering, increasing choice
  • To increase awareness among employees of the value of the benefits and package
  • To increase awareness of the details of the individual benefits
  • To increase efficiency in the administration of benefits, both for employees and the HR department
  • To maximise both tax and National Insurance efficiencies in order to fund any benefits changes and to deliver cost savings to the business


Prior to bringing Portus on board, OpenBet had already conducted employee surveys, focus groups and tested a number of benefit options. Portus helped shape the research into a comprehensive three-tier benefit structure built around a core benefit offering, a voluntary benefit scheme and an online shopping portal.

Portus managed the roll out of the programme in stages to build anticipation and gain the highest possible level of engagement. From posters, e-mail campaigns and presentations to a benefit fair, postcard drop and webinars, staff were enthused and excited about the new benefit programme.


Portus provided a state-of-the-art benefits platform, which OpenBet then personalised and renamed OpenBenefit. Through OpenBenefit, staff can login and easily select from a wide range of voluntary options that resonated with them. They can also adapt the level of cover on some of the core benefits and have the added flexibility of being able to change those benefits each month, if they choose.

Through the site, staff have access to all the information they need and can see the direct impact their benefit selections have on their income each month. With Total Reward Statements, online payslips and detailed information about the salary exchange programme, staff are in complete control of their benefits. Staff interaction with the site has been really encouraging with 87% of employees logging on to the system when it was launched and 69% submitting benefit selections straight away.


Portus have helped OpenBet to consolidate their benefits offering in one place, saving money, time and ensuring everything dovetails together. OpenBet have made savings of £100,000 along on pensions since the scheme was launched. Other savings have been made on tax and National Insurance contributions through the salary exchange programme.

In addition, Portus have helped ease the burden of on-going administration and have ensured all communication is timed to get maximum impact. The result has been greater staff engagement and a real buzz about the new benefits platform, the benefit options and the ease with which staff can manage everything.


"We brought all that benefits consultancy under Portus. So they do pensions, benefits, pensions governance, broking, the consultancy. Everything is now under their umbrella.

That was absolutely part of our objectives for getting our benefits all in one place.

That saved us money." - Tim Cleaver, Director of Reward

Portus Consulting is now part of the Aon Group!