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When most people plan for their financial future, they don't think much beyond the coming few years. If they're planning for retirement, they may not look beyond their pension.

Everyone has a dream for their future, but the big question is whether they'll have the finances to make that dream a reality. To help your team plan for the best possible outcomes, we've got a great piece of software called moneygym.

Through moneygym, your employees can enter all their financial and personal information to get an accurate calculation of what they can expect to receive when they retire. 

It also helps with budget and savings planning, suggesting ways to fill shortfalls or help budget for those unexpected extras. 

Prepare for the future, today.

Plan today for tomorrow

When it comes to making your money work for you, there are a whole host of things to consider from ISAs and unit trusts to property investments and dependents. moneygym takes absolutely everything into consideration to give your staff a clear picture of what their long-term future could look like. 

With our monthly budgeting tools, smart analysis and up to date tax information, users can get a clear view of their existing and long-term financial situation, and how they can change it for the better. 

If their pension’s a bit short, moneygym will help your people turn it around before it’s too late. Alternatively, if their pension is looking healthy, we’ll help them keep it that way.

moneygym helps your team take control of their finances and make plans today to put them in good stead for tomorrow.

Manage my retirement risk

The biggest concern for most of your employees when planning for retirement is not having enough money when they finish working. A lot of employees expect to stay in work longer just to make up the shortfall. 

But that's just the beginning; they also run the risk of outliving their capital, paying more into their pension than allowed, or facing a huge tax bill. 

Retirement planning isn't always straightforward, so moneygym will help your people manage their retirement risk. It looks at what your employees are saving and can expect to receive in retirement, and will alert them when they are likely to exceed limits or have a shortfall in funds. It'll also suggest ways to get them back on track. 

Engaging Your employees

Although long term and retirement saving is vital for the future of your staff, there is the risk that people switch off because the options are simply too complex, especially when it comes to pensions. 

This is where moneygym comes into its own, because it’s not just about pensions; it’s an all-round financial planning tool. 


A small change in focus alongside an intuitive and graphically appealing portal can help everyone, regardless of their age, to think and plan for the future they want.

Feedback from users of all ages has been that moneygym is easy to use and engaging.

moneygym workshops

Everyone likes to be in control of their future and with moneygym your people are in the driving seat. Through a highly interactive scenarios page, employees can instantly see how their finances look and what their long term future is likely to be. They can model changes online to see how to shape the future lifestyle they want.

However, sometimes all we want to do is ask an expert. 

This is where moneygym goes hand-in-hand with our Retirement Seminars and Financial Workshops. From capital assets to inheritance tax, our wealth management partners cover all the bases in our focused workshops.

Your staff can use the information and guidance they receive, in conjunction with moneygym, to make confident decisions about their finances.

For further information please get in touch

For further information please get in touch

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