Salary Exchange

Make the most of non-cash benefits

Salary exchange allows your employees to exchange part of their gross salary in return for certain non-cash benefits. Pensions, childcare vouchers, cycle to work schemes and ultra low emissions cars can all benefit from tax and National Insurance savings. 

As a result of the reduction in salary, you and your employees will pay lower National Insurance contributions and therefore have more spare cash to play with.

Tax savings and benefits: what’s not to love?

Saving everyone money

It’s no surprise that salary exchange for pension schemes is becoming increasingly popular. Your employees can hang on to what they save, or choose to put some or all of it into additional pension contributions.

In turn, you can use your savings to engage and motivate your people by funding other employee benefits within a flexible benefits programme. We can help you figure out the smartest options for you and your team.

Changes to salary exchange

The government has announced some changes to salary exchange from April 2017, so it’s important to check which of your benefits may be affected. You may need to offer employees a different way to pay for some of their flexible benefits. We can help you review your set-up, and if needed transition your flex site to take those changes into account.


You want your team to get the most out of their benefits, because when they love their benefits, they’ll love you too. We’re here to make it easy to help your employees understand their benefits and engage with them, and we can help you communicate the changes in a way that makes it simple for everyone. 

Long-term benefits

We’d all like to see our money working a little bit harder for us, which is where we can really help you out. Invested correctly, salary exchange can really help to increase the value of personal pension contributions. 


Through salary exchange, we can help your teams save even more for retirement, without a significant impact on their monthly salary. What’s not to love?

For further information please get in touch

For further information please get in touch

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