Employee Benefits Research

Understand what motivates your team

For years we’ve been leading the way by conducting industry sector employee benefit surveys. These provide crucial benchmark information that helps our clients to assess their competitiveness within certain markets.

In addition, we conduct in house research for companies so they can clearly see how their own staff perceive benefits. Knowledge is key to everything, so we’re relentless in the research we carry out.

Listening, learning and understanding.

In depth research, specifically for you

To help you really understand how your employees feel about their benefits, we’ll use surveys and focus groups to conduct in depth research for your company. The advantage of using an outside consultant is that employees are guaranteed confidentiality - and therefore provide honest responses.

Employee benefits are all about better staff engagement, so what better place to start than by chatting to your teams? Everyone likes to know that their voice is being heard and their opinions matter. We make sure they have fun along the way too, so it’s a win for everyone.

Tailoring your benefits for your team

Conducting research in itself is a great way to engage your team. You’ll show your employees that you value their opinion and you’ll find out what really motivates them so you can fine-tune your benefit programme to make the greatest impact.

Your business is unique and so are those who work for you. The more you can tailor your benefits to really meet their needs, the greater the impact they will have. Research can significantly increase your employees’ appreciation of the benefits they receive.

Putting knowledge into practice

Of course, you need to put the research into practice to get the real long-term value. We’ll help you analyse results alongside industry standards and suggest the right benefits programme for your team and your company.

We’ll also help you plan your communications so your staff get the very most from your benefit programme. At the end of the day, the best benefit strategy in the world is useless unless your staff understand it and can really engage with it.

For further information please get in touch

For further information please get in touch

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