Financial Education

Keep your team financially and physically well.

Your staff aren't just numbers on a pay roll; they're talented people with personal ambition and a life outside the office. From our experience, staff who enjoy good health and are in a strong financial position perform better at work.

So, through a series of focused workshops we’ll put your team in a great place financially and personally.


Finances made fun, for everyone.

Generation Y workshops

Born between the early 1980s and 1995, Generation Y has typically been seen as the carefree generation without a worry in the world. However, career ambitions, buying a house, plans for marriage and even thoughts of starting a family make the financial concerns of this generation some of the most complex.

Through our two-hour workshop, we help this demographic to think about what's most important to them right now, whilst also considering their hopes and dreams for the future. We'll cover issues such as credit ratings, getting a mortgage and putting together a budget. We'll also help them consider how their physical health plays an important role in their overall wellbeing.

Generation X workshops

Generation X typically encompasses those born between the early 1960s and 1980s. This demographic generally have a lot of financial, work and family pressures. Financially, they're likely to be juggling mortgage payments and childcare costs, whilst also making plans for the future. In our two-hour workshop, we can give your staff some really practical solutions, tools and guidance to help them make the most of their finances today whilst investing wisely for the future.

But finances aren't their only concern. Personally, this group also has a lot going on. They're likely to be progressing up the career ladder, whilst trying to raise families and take care of their finances. Put together, this can lead to a huge amount of personal stress. So, in partnership with our health and wellbeing specialist, we'll help them to take control of their lives, take good care of their health and make the most of the opportunities available to them.

Baby Boomer workshops

The Baby Boomer generation typically includes those born between 1946 and the early 1960s. With their children grown up and a career under their belt, many are considering the next stage of life and all that it has in store; be it reducing their hours at work, moving into consultancy, travelling or even volunteering.

Over the course of our two-hour workshop, we'll help your staff consider the implications these changes may bring financially and personally. Pension planning will obviously be a consideration, and our tools and solutions will help your people get to grips with the financial implications that changes in their work/life balance bring. We'll also encourage them to consider ways they can stay fit and healthy, so they can look forward to the next stage of their life positively.

Third Age workshops

We help to prepare staff for all that life has in store for them once they've decided to finish working full time with our full-day, Third Age Workshops. This session is suitable for anyone who's considering what the future holds, but particularly those in their 50s and 60s. Many of your staff will have been so busy getting on with work and life that they haven't had the opportunity to think about what they're going to do once they stop working full time. Through our workshops we'll encourage your team to consider what's important to them now and how that will shape their future. 

There are so many opportunities these days; from reducing their hours at work and moving into consultancy to pursuing a hobby or even travelling the world. Naturally there are financial implications that come with such a huge lifestyle change, so we'll help your staff address everything from retirement planning and budgeting to state benefits and pension shortfalls. Health issues are often an unspoken concern too, so we bring in our health and wellbeing specialists to suggest some really practical ways your people can get themselves physically fit for everything the future has to hold.

Manage your retirement with moneygym

To go hand-in-hand with our financial workshops, we’ve developed a great piece of software to help your teams get their finances in the best possible shape today and also for everything ahead.

Through moneygym, your team can enter all their financial and personal information to get an accurate calculation of what they can expect to receive when they retire and how long their money is likely to last. 

If there's a financial gap, the system will suggest ways that can be met and where your staff can seek expert advice. In conjunction with our workshops, staff can use this portal to put themselves in the best possible position for the future.



Helping your HR Team

Using the expertise of financial and wellbeing specialists can really help to ease the burden on your busy HR teams. Retirement planning, in particular, can be time consuming and complex. It also distracts teams from their day-to-day work.

Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for you to get your teams to a place where their finances are in order, their health is in good shape and they can be at their best in the office.

Making the future bright.

For further information please get in touch

For further information please get in touch

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