Engage your employees and allow them to manage their benefits easily with intuitive and user-friendly technology.

Adding value through technology

BenPort is our intuitive and user-friendly technology that allows employees to manage their benefits package easily online. It removes the endless paperwork, speeds up processes and gives everyone greater visibility. HR teams love it too as it simplifies the whole benefit management process and even helps to save money.

BenPort can be tailored to your business, whether you’re looking for total reward statements, flexible benefits or benefits communication. It also enables you to control your benefit costs, manage risk, and carry out effective administration quickly and simply. BenPort helps you and your team get the most out of your benefits.

Put your people in the driving seat.

Saving you time and money

Save money

Efficiency savings often go hand in hand with financial savings, which is absolutely the case with BenPort. It takes the complications out of benefit management leaving your HR team free to concentrate on other tasks.

Increase efficiency

With all your benefits in one place your HR team can work more efficiently. This saves costs in everything from day-to-day administration and reporting to payroll and providers.

Save time

With BenPort your HR team can easily access all the information and answer staff queries from one central point. No more hunting in files or cross-referencing information - everything is quite literally at your fingertips. 

Reduce errors

With all your benefits on BenPort, the system can flag up duplications and errors. It’s then easy to make changes, double check they’re correct and get on with the next task.

Taking care of tax

BenPort can help you calculate the tax and National Insurance contributions of staff across the board, including those who use salary exchange benefits. You’ll also be able to see the salary exchange savings that you make and can even use those to offset the cost of BenPort itself.

Re-broking benefits 

Through BenPort, re-broking existing benefits can be done quickly and efficiently. It’s often hard to find the time to look for better options, but BenPort can help you save money, time and hassle.

Managing your risk

Peace of mind comes as standard with us, so we use the very latest systems to ensure the security of your business and your staff. On top of that, we update our systems regularly so your data is completely secure. We know there’s no room for error when data is concerned, so we never cut corners or take risks.

To protect your staff BenPort provides unique employee login details with a full login history. You can specify different security levels for administration staff so you can control what people see and do. And with a full audit trail you can be sure you know exactly what’s going on.

Staying in control

Everyone loves being in control. Through BenPort, you can increase staff engagement as your team can see and manage their benefits themselves. This takes the pressure off HR and puts your people in the driving seat.

If you have flexible benefits, staff can see the ones they’ve currently selected alongside additional ones they might like to choose. If you have voluntary benefits available for your team, like a cycle to work scheme or Give As You Earn, these can also be selected through BenPort.

What’s great is that staff won’t just be able to choose their benefits; they’ll also be able to see the impact their choices have on their tax and final pay packet. With total reward statements and monthly payslips also online, staff can see what their benefits are really worth in financial terms and stay on top of their finances.

With real time visibility, your HR team can process all your employees’ choices and generate reports needed for payroll and providers straight away. You can even use BenPort to send email reminders so staff can make the most of the great package available to them. 

Managing time off

BenPort makes managing time off easy for everyone. Staff can see how much leave they have and request time off at the click of a button. Teams have complete visibility of who’s in and who’s out for the whole year, and managers know exactly when their staff are away.

Managers love the ease with which they can approve holiday, report absence and generally keep on top of their team administration. With everything safely logged in BenPort, nothing gets lost, duplicated or forgotten. It’s an immediate reference point for everyone. 

Manage pensions and auto enrolment

There are a lot of pensions out there, and BenPort can help you manage them all with ease. Whether you are looking for an auto enrolment management solution or a system that engages your staff in their pension plan, BenPort can help.

BenPort really comes into its own by enabling your team to take control of their pensions. By providing modeling, staff can see what their employer will pay if they contribute at a certain level. It also shows them what their current pension fund is worth and how much they can expect to get in retirement.

When it comes to auto enrolment, BenPort will help you manage everything step by step: from assessing your staff and automatically enrolling them, to managing opt-ins and opt- outs and planning communications.

It’s flexible too, so staff can change their contributions as and when they like. You can also build in targeted emails to keep staff up to date with changes and engage them with their benefits. Of course, it also ensures you meet all the government requirements with audit trails, reports for payroll and statutory communications.

For further information please get in touch

For further information please get in touch

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